YouTube has more than 1.9 billion monthly active users globally. Users can watch videos in YouTube under different categories like music, movies, sports, gaming, news, etc. as per their preference. YouTube also provides its video streaming service from its official YouTube app for smartphone users but there are some services like Youtube background play, downloading, which YouTube restricts its regular users. On 4 September 2015, Christian Schabesberger created NewPipe app which will allow the users to download and allow background play YouTube content without ad.

Because of these amazing features, the NewPipe app has gained substantial growth in the user although the app is only available in F-Droid software repository and only for Android devices. If you are wondering what is this NewPipe app and where you can download it then here is our detail article on the topic:
After the completion of download and installation, you can get started with downloading videos and audio from newpipe.

Do you want to enjoy the music from YouTube while you are doing other work on your smartphone?
Do you want to watch the YouTube videos along with multitasking in your smartphone?
Doesn’t it sound cool and interesting to play YouTube content in your smartphone and do other work like surfing the internet, reading blogs, books, texting or chatting with friends all at the same time?

With the NewPipe app, you can do all of the above without spending money for YouTube Subscription. Let’s talk about how?

How to play YouTube music in the Background?

NewPipe app is free to download and install for all android users. With the NewPipe app, you can listen and enjoy the YouTube music without it bothering your other work even without downloading the video or audio files.

1. Open the NewPipe app in your phone and search for the music or any videos you want to listen to.

2. Tap on the video you want to play in background .

3. Tap on the Background. The video will be now played in the background. You can see it in the notification bar.

4. You can also enqueue other song and create your own playlist of the YouTube videos by long tapping Background. Select new videos from the recommended list from below or search for the new video.

NOTE: If you don’t see the recommended videos but comments then swipe left in comment section to view recommended videos.

You can see the videos music being played in the notification bar.

Another interesting factor about the NewPipe app is that you can play the music in the background even without an internet connection once it is fully loaded repeatedly as if you have downloaded the track in your device.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background?

With the NewPipe app, you can play Youtube Videos in the pop-up box while you are using your smartphone phone other purposes like texting, scrolling newsfeed. Here is how you can do it using NewPipe.

1. After searching for the videos you want to watch using NewPipe. Tap on PopUP. You can also choose the quality of video from the top of the app.

After you tap Popup, the app might ask permission to show on top of another app. Allow permission.

More about Popup video box

NewPipe app also allows the user to customize in the pop-up box for more settings.

  1. You can play the video in a fit half screen or small size box.
  2. You can play the video in full screen.
  3. You can also change the speed of the video play.
  4. You can also adjust the quality of the video being played.

Enjoy your favorite video content from YouTube with NewPipe while surfing the internet, texting friends in a chat without any hurdles of pausing the video and switching apps in your phone. You can enqueue the video to your own customized playlist and play the video using NewPipe.

How to Change Theme of NewPipe?

The creator of NewPipe understands that all the users don’t have the same choice regarding the appearance of the app. Some like the appearance to be bright whereas some preferred it dark.

NewPipe app provides 3 types of themes to the users namely Light, Dark, and Black.

The dark and Black theme will allow you to tone down your screen’s glare and also protect eyes from the bright unwanted light from the screen

  1. Tap on Settings from the top right corner of the app.
  2. Tap on Appearance.
  3. Tap on Theme.
  4. Tap on the type of theme you want to apply in the app then you can see the change immediately.


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