Looking for smart online dating website where you an get enormous conversions? Here we bring you how to get engaged on online dating site/app MeetMe. Learn how to login to MeetMe app, create account if you don’t have or even reset the MeetMe password if you forgot it. Internet has provided us a platform where we can break the geographical boundaries and can communicate with people sitting at any place around the globe. This is an interface where you can find a buddy of your choice and start audio, video or text chat or even get started with online dating of your choice. There are both free as well as premium online dating services available. One can decide to use the services as per their convenience or the requirement.

MeetMe Sign In | Login to MeetMe | MeetMe Desktop Login

Here below are some easy and simple step by step guide on how to login to MeetMe account with your account created on meet me online dating site.

  1. Go to the official website of Meetme or click the URL given here: https://www.meetme.com/
  2. After that, click on ‘Member Login button‘, that is at the top of the MeetMe Homepage. Make sure you already have MeetMe account created in order to get started with online dating service of MeetMe application. If you don’t have an MeetMe account, don’t worry, scroll below and you will learn how to get started with MeetMe by creating a new meet me account.
  3. After clicking on this button a dialogue box will appear for your email address and password. Enter your email id and password and click on ‘Log In’ and you are ready to meet the person around.

MeetMe Login With Facebook

Many people use Facebook as their one way website login. Here the websites or application uses your Facebook login information and user data to get you signed into MeetMe account. If you use Facebook, you can also choose ‘login with Facebook‘ option to access MeetMe. Follow steps given below for login to your MeetMe account through Facebook.

  1. Go to the official website of MeetMe. If you are from mobile device open your MeetMe application from your mobile.
  2. At the top right corner you will see ‘Member Login’, just click on it.
  3. Dialogue box will appear. In the dialogue box you will find the option highlighted in blue background which says ‘log in with Facebook account‘.
  4. Click on it and enter the Facebook username and password and then click ‘sign in’ to complete the MeetMe Login process.

MeetMe Sign Up & Account Registration

By using MeetMe app mobile application you will be able to save the location on the map and invite friends to the current location with the ability to track the way through the app. While tracking the way, one can see the live updates and remaining distance to the invited destination in very simple steps.

If you are new with MeetMe app, there are two ways to create a new account in Meetme. You can either create your new MeetMe account by using email address or can also sign up MeetMe through your Facebook account.

MeetMe Sign Up from Email / Facebook

Inorder to sign up MeetMe account through email, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Open up the browser and get into the official website of MeetMe. You can also search for MeetMe on search engines and get through the process. We recommend you to check the web URL before starting to create account so that you don’t get into wrong websites.
  2. Now on the official homepage of MeetMe, you will see sign up form where you will need to provide your Name, Email , Password, Gender and date of birth. Fill up the form accordingly.
  3. Click on sign up for free and you are all set to create your MeetMe profile.
  4. So after that you might be asked to verify the account that is made. This is to prevent the spam on the Meetme, So in case if you are asked to do that, choose your country code and drop down the phone number in the box. Choose the way to verify it and click on continue.
  5. Now, the code is received. Just type in the code and click on verify. Go over to your email to unlock all the features. If you don’t see any messages from MeetMe in the inbox just check your spam folder where you can see all your mail. There it asks the user to click to see if account is verified. Do as it says. Finally, you have signed up for MeetMe. Hope this was useful.
  6. You can also choose to sign up for MeetMe Account from Facebook. Just click on Quick Sign Up from Facebook and you will be redirected to facebook.com where you need to allow MeetMe to access your user details.

After installing the app, the first thing you need to do is tell friends about the mobile application. You will be able to track them when they install the app through their registered phone number.Once they register their account you can find them by tapping on invite friend or by sending the app link by tapping on the icon-share the app with your friends.

Checking the three buttons that we have on the app home page.The first one is:

  • Save place: By tapping here, one can save your complication into the app ,find it later and send it to friend.
  • Invite friend: Use this to invite friends to the current location. In this case only the one who is inviting will be able to track rather than the invited one. In that case the invited one can go with the option:
    1. Accept with the map tracking or
    2. Accept with distance tracking.
  • MeetMe on: By using this option, both the person who invites and the invited one is able to track each other. Using this option the person who invites will be asked to pick up the saved location to invite one or more person to the location.. At any time you can see who is tracking you from the notification bar.

Forgot MeetMe Password? Recover or Reset Now !

Forgot your MeetMe account password? There are some point when you can’t remember your password. Just follow these easy steps and you will recover your MeetMe Account Password. Don’t worry here are the steps you need to follow to recover your account.

  1. First of all, open up the browser and go to MeetMe.com or directly to this UR: https://www.meetme.com/
  2. At the very top, click on the member login.
  3. Click on the link that says forgot password.
  4. Type in the email that you used to login before.
  5. On the popup screen type the email address again and then click on submit.
  6. Go to email and check the inbox, if there is no message from MeetMe in the inbox check the spam message where you can find the mail from the MeetMe. Open the message.
  7. Click on the link there to reset the password. A new window shall open asking you to change the password.
  8. Type in the email and new password. Click on submit.
Reset MeetMe Password

This is how the account is recovered in case the user fails to remember the password. There are also many other dating websites in alternative to MeetMe, like tinder, match.com, POF.com there are other sites too with various paid and free dating features. Hope this article was helpful to you with getting information on all the detailed login process of MeetMe Account. Don’t forget to comment below if you still feel confused about how to login to MeetMe or may be even easy guide on how to create a better user profile too.


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