There are a lot of things we deal on our day to day life. We are so used to the internet that when our internet stops working we are basically freaking out because we are so attached to the internet stuff. We are likely to feel bored without being able to access the internet. While you are having your good time on the internet there is a chance of being not able to connect to the internet. Probably we are aware that our internet is not working even if the Wi-Fi is shown is sometimes a part of being pissed off. We are not even aware until we access some of the social media. The thing that freaks out more is Wi-Fi is being displayed but not being able to access the internet which makes the whole thing so boring. It also gives us the vibe that everything we see cannot be true sometimes when it actually comes for the phone not being connected to the internet. Even if the Wi-Fi is available and the internet doesn’t seem to work we can also check by loading the pages in our browser and other social Media which clarifies.

We may feel frustrated with this kind of problems. Here is the solution to fix this kind of issues related to iOS devices. Sometimes also happens that Wi-Fi is working on another device but not only yours Fix your Wi-Fi connecting but internet not working issues by following this solution. Apply this solution as mentioned below:

Forget Wi-Fi network: Most of us do this even if we do not have knowledge about what’s going on and also it works sometimes. This is also one of the beneficial parts because most of the time doing this Wi-Fi starts working. For this, you need to make sure that you remember the password of your Wi-Fi. Try connecting again after forgetting the Wi-Fi network.

Turn on your Airplane Mode on iPhone: Turning on an airplane mode actually helps all network connectivity on a device to block. It is one of the simplest solutions to check on your Wi-Fi. But remember keeping your airplane mode on for so long can also block other activities happening on your phone. Your calls will be blocked neither you can call back. Make sure you turn off airplane mode after checking the availability of Wi-Fi.

Restart your iPhone and modem: Most of we are not used to it but restarting your iOS device can really make Wi-Fi work in reality. If the above two method fails then this is also one of a good idea to fix the problem of Wi-Fi showing but not working. We keep ignoring tiny fixing which will play a great role to not let our Wi-Fi Rebooting your router and modem can also be beneficial because sometimes refreshing your router is also a good idea.

Change complex Wi-Fi name to simple: sometimes giving a complicated name to your Wi-Fi makes it unrecognizable in characters which hamper in the working of Wi-Fi. Change the Wi-Fi name into a simple name and see the changes if it works or not. This is also one of the alternatives to help your Wi-Fi working.

Check installed apps: make sure to check recently installed application because sometimes we are installing the application that is not allowed in our country. Uninstall it as fast as possible and see the change. It should start working.

Turn off Wi-Fi assist on the iOS device: Wi-Fi assist makes your iOS device to switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data when the connection is poor. It is also one of the features which are useful and comes in between for proper functioning of Wi-Fi sometimes. Very less of us are used to this function. Here are simple step to assist Wi-Fi on your device. Follow these simple steps and turn it off.

  • Open settings.
  • Go to mobile data.
  • Keep scrolling until it shows up.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi assist.

Enable and Disable location services: sometimes not enabling your location service on phone also stops the working of Wi-Fi. Some countries also want your location to be turned on for the purpose of Wi-Fi to be effective. Make sure to turn it on if it is turned off. If it is turned off then enable it. This is an easy method to accomplish just go to your settings on the iPhone and click on privacy. Just follow the vice-versa and check if your internet connection is working or not.

Change the security of modem: If your router seems old go to WPA / WPA 2 mode and if you find your modem different with WPA/ WPA 2 change it. It is necessary to do this because Apple suggests us using the WPA2 (AES) security for modem. As it is for the benefit of self.

Try all this following method if you are having a difficult time to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi. Fix the issue of being faked with Wi-Fi. If all these steps don’t work then try resetting your modem. Before resetting do not forget to see if you have required information so that no loss of data will occur.

There is much reason for using Wi-Fi in today’s century. Gradually it has played a very important role in our day to day life. Of course, nobody in today’s day wants to be without Wi-Fi. It has become one of the habits to all the people out there to use Wi-Fi every time and if possible everywhere. For this reason, if Wi-Fi stops working we try to freak out. Do not freak out just follow the mentioned solution to avoid this kind of situation. And if you feel like failing on all the effort and solution you apply the only thing you can do is call the internet provider. Stay trouble free and try reaching out the articles which are beneficial. A very important thing to remember is just to follow solutions when you are aware of it otherwise you may cause more serious damages to your device.


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