We are all getting older and with the time our looks are also getting older day by day. It’s hard to recognize the change in our face due to time every day but if we skip the time and check ourself, we can see a huge change. It is impossible to skip the time and see how the time is changing our looks but with the new FaceApp, we can see how we may look like after 40 years without timelapse and time travel.

FaceApp is a new trend in social media. Millions of people including celebrities are using this app to check out how they may look like after 40 years. The app is fun and even the result provided by the app after processing are satisfying to most people. The app is trending globally and users are sharing their old aged photo using FaceApp in different social media platform.

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a mobile application for iOS and Android platform developed by Russian company Wireless Lab which users neural network technology to automatically generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The app can transform a face to make a person in the photo to smile, look younger, look older, and also provide other common photo editing features like filters, background blur, change the background, etc.

Although FaceApp started trending globally now, the app is not new in the Appstore and Playstore. FaceApp was launched on January 2017 for iOS and in February 2017 for Android. This app provides multiple options to manipulate(edit) the photo such as adding make-up, smiles, hair colors, and styles, change beard style, filters, lens blur, adjust background along with overlays, tattoos, and vignettes.

The users have rated the app 4.4 out of 5 in Google Playstore and 4.8 in Apple Appstore.

How Photos Are Processed And Modified?

FaceApp is the AI-based photo editing app and is continuously developing and getting better by providing additional features different and unique from other photo editing app in the app stores.

Being an AI-based app, photos are edited in the app using the AI. The selected photo is uploaded in the clouder servers of the app then it is processed on the server. FaceApp CEO Yaroslav Goncharov stated that only the selected photo of the users are uploaded in the cloud server of the app and doesn’t transfer any other data of the users. He says the company uses Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud for processing photos in the cloud and most of the photos are deleted within 48 hours.

Unlike other free photo editing and modifying apps available in the Playstore, FaceApp’s AI prediction and editing look much more realistic. The app can also find the best hairstyles and colors, beard styles for you.

Download Faceapp: How to Get Started With FaceApp?

Everyone loves to move with the trend. Since the current trend is aging your self with photo editing, you might also be having thoughts of aging yourself and check out how you might look like after 40 years.

Just like most of the app, FaceApp is freely available for both iOS and Android in the respective app store. To install the app on your device, Search for FaceApp – AI Face Editor in the search bar. Tap on Install then the app will be downloaded and installed on your device. You can also go to the official faceapp website and get the download link of Faceapp mobile application.

How to Use Faceapp Mobile Application?

After downloading and installing FaceApp – AI Face Editor in your device. open the app in your device. A quick tutorial will be shown, swipe or Tap ‘NEXT‘ to skip.

Tap on ‘Galleryto select the photo from your gallery that you want to edit or Tap on ‘Camerato capture a new image. For this, the app might ask for permission to access your media and camera of your device. Tap on ‘Allow to Grant access‘ and Continue.

After Selecting the photo for editing, the photo will be uploaded to the cloud server and is ready for processing. Tap on ‘Age’ and then choose your preferred option whether to look young or older. You can also check other different option to edit and modify the image.

If you don’t want to try check on your own image then the FaceApp also provide the 3 images for demo try and have celeb section where you can see the list of many popular celebs as per popular searches or you may also search for your own favorite celebs and check out how they might look like after 40 years.

Select any pictures from the search result and you may edit and modify their images.

This was the guide for beginner to use FaceApp – AI Face Editor to edit your photo to look younger or older. We will discuss further more about the interesting features of this app in next post till then enjoy the trend and time travel.

Note: We always recommend users to read the terms and conditions page of Faceapp Application before getting started with the download of the app. It is always better to know if the things you are sharing on app is under your control. Well in other hand, its fun seeing yourself getting old with just a snap from Faceapp. Enjoy the application and also don’t forget to comment your pictures made from faceapp here in the comment below.


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