PUBG, the four-letter which stands for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND create huge hype and craze in the mind of millions of people in the gaming world. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation. The game was initially released for Microsoft windows in December 2017 and later released for other platforms including Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game was released for Android and iOS devices on February 9, 2018.

Android and iOS users could download the official PUBG game on the device from play store and other app stores for free. This game gained quick attraction from people all over the world. This game has been downloaded for more than 200 million users with around 30 million daily active users.

The game is currently running in season 8 and offers Elite Upgrades in every season that cost real money. The game also offers different clothing apparel and outfits to keep the game interesting. The Game also has collaborated with other games like Resident Evil, movies like Godzilla in different season. During the collaboration the game offers unique features to all the users.

To upgrade to Elite Royale Pass and purchase new unique outfits users need UC (unknown cash). UC is the cash to make purchases within the game. With UC, you can purchase different outfits, emotes, premium royal pass, skins for guns and vehicles and many more. These stuffs in PUBG mobile are termed as cool by all users and everyone loves it or at least the part of it. Having these cool gun and car skin and outfits make you look like pro in the crowd of all the users.You can get UC by paying through credit card or debit card. Since all of us are not loaded with money in the bank. Let’s talk about how to get UC for free without any real money.

How to get free UC for PUBG mobile?

You must be thinking there is no way to get free UC for your PUBG mobile. After all, we all know that nothing is free in this world. You are right to some extent because this trick which I am about to share is not completely free at all but you don’t need to pay your real money for this. Here you will have to pay your time by watching ads which are boring but worth it because you will get UC for doing so. Download Elite Royal Pass & UC for Pubg app from google play store in your device.

What is Elite Royal Pass & UC for Pubg?

Elite Royal Pass & UC for Pubg is a android app which displays different ads to the users and provides UC in return. This app provides Lucky Card every 10 minute and users can get UC by drawing the card. The app also has Extra Bonus section where users can download the app listed to get free UC. You can earn additional UC by sharing the app to others and through other methods. But you can redeem UC only after reaching 35 UC to your game.

Elite Royal Pass & UC for PUBG is filled with different ads.

To download the app on your device, Search for “Elite Royal Pass & UC for PUBG” in Google PlayStore of your device from the search bar or click here for a direct link.

How To Earn UC?

After installing the app you have to log in with your google account.

After login with google, you can see the option to participate in WIN Royal pass, Lucky Card, Lucky Lifafa and Extra Bonus in home page.

Participate in WIN Royal Pass

Here you can participate once a day and you can get rewards with UC at the end of the day.

Lucky Card

With the Lucky Card users can get a reward every 10 minutes by drawing the card. You can draw card only once in 10 minutes and countdown time will begin after you draw a card.

Lucky Lifafa

Lucky lifafa is provided once in a day and the first users to claim Lifafa gets the UC rewards.

Extra Bonus

Here you have to download, install or sign up different app from playstore. You will get reward for the completion of the task in UC. You can also see how much reward you will get by completing the task.

Other Ways to Earn UC

The homepage and lucky card don’t conclude all the options to earn UC through this app. You can also earn UC by inviting other friends to this app. To get the rewards from inviting friends, the friend must download the app from the link you shared.

Link can be shared through social media or any other messaging app.

How to Redeem UC?

Earning UC is pointless if you cant redeem it. To redeem UC , you must earn atleast 35 UC untill then you have to stay patient and keep earning. There is no limit to earning UC. It completely depends on the time you contribute and your dedication and will to earn free UC.

So, this is all about getting free UC for your PUBG mobile. Keep Hustling and earn more. Let’s get some cool stuff from your earning and see you in the game.


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