Gmail is one of the free email services which is initiated by Google. These days Gmail Account has been playing one of the crucial roles in our life by providing us verities of privacy and facility. One main reason for using Google Account is that it is giving us access to many of the Google products in the market. Have you ever imagined, if Google Account was a vast topic and not available easily? We have to feel great about it letting us access free and most precisely a smart Google that has been playing a smart role in our life. Gmail has become one of the platforms for every professional and non-professional people to communicate and send any documents, files and anything that can be shared online.

Many of us are still unaware of creating a Google Account. Most of us try and fail while creating a Google account. There is nothing to worry about not knowing as guiding is what we do. Remember creating a Google account is not that hard as you imagine. It’s a fairly simple thing and an instance process. Activities like sending and receiving email using your Gmail account is super easy and a possible thing. Once you are connected to the Gmail account you can even access YouTube which has become one of the super trendy places to see entertainment or to utilize our leisure time. Since you connect with Google account you are connected to the Google play store which is a source for the user to download any kind of application they prefer. Also on your device, you’ll be able to access Gmail, Google calendar, Google docs, and hangouts, etc. Which is possible once your account is created.

Creating a Google account is simple. Follow these simple steps to create a Google account:

1. Go to the link of Google first.

2. Click on the ‘Create Account’ option which is located at the bottom left.

3. You will be provided with the option of ‘For myself’ and ‘To manage my business’, click on ‘For myself’.

4. You will be directed to the next page to fill up the form. Fill all the credential information.

5. Click on ‘Next’ button.

6. Google welcomes you on the next option.

7. You have to fill out all the important credential on this section to keep your account secure and not get any harmful attack as cybercrime and all.

8. Verification step, You will be given a code on the phone number you provide. So make sure the number you provide is correct and your own because you will get a verification code which plays one of the crucial roles.

9. You will be directed on the next page after the verification step automatically where you have to click on ‘Yes I’m in’ option rather than clicking ‘skip’.

10. The final step is to accept all the privacy and term for which you need to scroll down and click ‘I Agree’ button.

11. You will be directed to the platform of Real Gmail world.

12. Start Accessing and securing your Gmail Id.

Hence, Creating a Google account is very simple and equally important too as the generation demands. To share your credential information within your private sector Gmail plays a huge role in your life. Google account is a very secured platform to work with for that you need to follow some setting option for which a next article will be published soon. From two-factor authentication to every possible updated feature will be explained in detail on the next article.


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